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Here is where you can create a special lit-eyed troll!

If you want a regular lit-eyed troll then go back a page (or click the Lit-Eye Troll button on left) and choose from among the trolls pictured there.

BUT, if you want something different... say like a blue lit-eyed Mystic Troll, then this is where you start.

Lit -eyes can be added (for a $28 fee) to most trolls that are 12" and 16" tall... and even some 8" ones too!

First, you must decide on which troll you want to have fitted with lit-eyes, then add that troll to your cart. Next, choose one of the lit-eye color options located on this page, then add that to your cart.

If you order more then one troll you will need to provide a note as to which troll gets fitted with the lit-eye option.

We will then painlessly attach the lit-eyes to the selected troll and send it out as soon as possible. Most times we can ship right away but occasionally there might be a delay if we have to make up a certain color or need the right size to make a good fit.

If you choose this option, here are just a few of the possible choices:

A green lit-eyed Forest, Sea Spirit, or Earth Mother.

A red lit eyed Cave, Guardian, or Hippie.

A blue lit-eyed Mystic, Wishkeeper, or Grandparent

Each eye has a bright glowing LED for a pupil, powered by a plug in wall type DC transformer. Bright enough to be seen in daylight. These are solid state components that will last a long time.

Create a special lit-eyed troll! LIT$28.00LED/eye color: