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Here is where you can create a special lit-eyed troll!

If you want a regular lit-eyed troll then go back a page (or click the Lit-Eye Troll button on left) and choose from among the options listed there.

BUT, if you want something different... say like a blue lit-eyed Mysic Troll, then this is where you start.

Lit -eyes can be added to most trolls that are 12", 16" and 20" tall... and even some 8" ones too!

Just choose the troll you want and then add this option to your cart. Then select and add to your cart the troll you want to have the lit-eyes (providing a note as to which troll gets a particular color). We will then painlessly attach the lit-eyes to the selected troll and send it out as soon as possible. Most times we can ship right away but occasionally there might be a delay if we have to make up a certain color or need the right size to make a good fit.

If you choose this option, here are just a few of the possible choices:

A green lit-eyed Forest, Sea Spirit, or Earth Mother.

A red lit eyed Cave, Guardian, or Hippie.

A blue lit-eyed Mystic, Wishkeeper, or Grandparent

Each eye has a bright glowing LED for a pupil, powered by a plug in wall type DC transformer. Bright enough to be seen in daylight. Solid state components that will last a long time.

Create a special lit-eyed troll! LIT$28.00LED/eye color: