Wizard with Glowing Crystal

Elusive; uses its special powers to help Mother Nature create her wonderful miracles. It is said that when the crystal glows... something good is about to happen!

We have been planning this troll for years but it took us a while to come up with a design that properly showcases the lighted crystal. Each troll carries a staff topped with a genuine AAA Grade Arkansas Crystal that is illuminated with the bright glow from a LED hidden directly underneath the stone. The Female, pictured on the left, has a light green lit crystal. The Male on the right, has a cloth wrapped staff and a light purple lit crystal. They use a plug-in-the-wall type low volt DC transformer and small cord that powers the LED so you can expect years of bright illumination.

They are available in the gray hair color (Gray Wizards) that are pictured here, or as Albinos (White Wizards) 12" ht.

Wizard w/Glowing Crystal WIZMFE$69.95Option Selected: